On Sunday Wyatt proposed at our favorite spot in Bloomington and I said yes! I'm so excited I could burst from happiness!  He arranged it in a way that my parents, sister, and his parents were all there with us! It was so special and I am still on cloud nine about it!

The back story is that my family was supposed to come here to celebrate my birthday early on Sunday but mid-week they had to change plans.  We were going to meet them in Bloomington for lunch instead.  We did eat at Big Woods, a cute little restaurant right by campus.  Since Allison brought the Flying Cupcake cupcakes we decided to go to the student union to eat over there and I could open some birthday gifts there as well.  We had cake and presents and Wyatt asked for pictures at 'our spot'.  He said it would be nice to have one of the whole family (which I wish we really would have gotten but alas we did not).  First he wanted our picture together...and then after our family snapped a couple, he turned and dropped to one knee and popped the question! It was so perfect! I get teary-eyed thinking about it!

If you are familiar with the Sample Gates at IU at all, there are normally a lot of people around but it ended up being fairly deserted when we were out there!  We can probably thank the weather for that but I like that we got it mostly to ourselves during our special moment!

Happy Galantine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day! I wanted to something fun with the girls to celebrate our friendship.  Last year we went out to dinner with no guys allowed (because we almost always do things with couples so we don't have a lot of truly girls only outings).  I thought since we have so many babies in our friend group, it might be nice to just get together at someone's house and hang out over dinner rather than go out to a restaurant where we can't hear everyone, we have to dress up, etc.  I invited the girls over for tacos at my house! I put together a little Galentine station over at our wet bar. 

I also sent a couple of care packages to long distance friends because I don't know where I'd be without my girls!  My sister gave me a Galentine over the weekend too...so cute!

IU vs. Purdue

I gave Wyatt tickets to the IU vs. Purdue basketball game for Christmas.  If you aren't familiar, there is a huge in-state rivalry between the two schools! Since it happened to be a weekend game, we went down early for lunch at Mother Bears and a stroll through campus.  It was almost 50 degrees and sunny and it's the end of January! We had to take advantage of that!

I was excited for the chance to wear my new Hillflint sweater that I got for Christmas from family as well! After hanging out for a bit, we made our way over to Assembly Hall! Definitely recommend buying a parking pass when going to games.  We're going to from here on out because it was nice and convenient and so much easier to get in and out! We got to see Victor Oladipo as he was recognized with a jersey from his days in the program.  The game ended up being a great game! We didn't pull off the upset but it was a close game for most of the game and we really did play well.  The opening 10-12 minutes were just really great ball to watch!

We decided we need to go to more games! We hadn't been to one in Bloomington together in 4 years!