Holiday Parties

We're hosting a combined Friendsgiving/Christmas holiday get together tonight.  Our group of friends is just as busy as we are so it was a struggle to come up with date but we managed to get about half of our group on board! Maybe we will get lucky and find another time to get together closer to Christmas with the whole gang! I'm sharing some Pinterest party finds and some tips to host a party without a hitch!

1. Plan A Menu - Make sure to choose dishes you know people can/will eat! Be sure to avoid any food allergies your friends may have and if you do have things with allergens be sure to keep them separate and labeled well! Our group of friends tends to do a pitch in style get together so we typically throw around ideas of what we will bring via text beforehand so we avoid having three of the same thing. 

2. Decide On Any Décor - You know I love an excuse to decorate! For the dinner this evening, I haven't done anything special but I did make sure to have our Christmas décor out! If we had gotten together before Thanksgiving, I probably would have tried some ideas I have found on Pinterest.

3. Move Furniture Around/Add Additional Tables/Chairs - Depending on your house or apartment you may want to rearrange furniture to allow for guests to mingle comfortably all in one area.  Our eat-in kitchen opens to the living room so we considered borrowing an extra table and chairs for our get together but decided we could make it work without it this time since 5 or 6 couldn't come.  We did move some extra chairs around to the living room to add additional seating there.

3. Make A Timeline For Day Of Prep and Cooking - Plan out each hour of the day (even if it's just relaxation time) so you don't get caught up in something and end up not prepared for guests to start arriving!

4. Enjoy spending time with your friends and family! I love getting together with our friends because it's such a nice time to just sit and chat with everyone and catch up.  So many of our friends in town have kids so it's also great getting watch as they grow older.

Find some helpful pins on my Holiday Get Togethers: From Friendsgiving to New Year's Eve Pinterest board here.

Hosting the get together is our day three activity in our advent activities!

ACD Freebie: Mobile Wallpapers

I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit! Lord knows I am! Today we are going to see the Nutcracker as our advent activity!  In the spirit of decking the halls, I am offering a free phone wallpaper so you can also be festive on your mobile device! Choose from two and download here (and get access to all my past freebies)!  What fun things do you have in store for the holiday season?

Advent Activity Calendar

Happy first day of December (and happy birthday to my bff, Devin)! I love, LOVE, love this time of year.  From Halloween through the end of the year, there just seems to be something exciting in the air.  I love all the family and friends time during this season.  During December there are so many things that I consider must-do activities (give me all the Christmas activities).  This year, after a few failed attempts over the last few Christmas seasons, we decided we want to do an advent activity. Even though I am out of town a week of December, we still came up with a list of activities (we did get a head start by decorating our tree last weekend and perhaps some we can do together via FaceTime?) that we want to do.  Today, I'm sharing some of the fun ideas you can find and use for yourself! 

I found these adorable countdown numbers on Simple As That that I am excited to use! This allows you to create your own to match your traditions. I have some pretty green envelopes, I'm attaching these fun numbers to where we can put the activity inside.  I also try to get and gather any necessary supplies for the activities we choose.  The first year I tried to get us on board with doing this, our busy schedules prevented us from doing much but I had gatherer everything into a wire basket so that when we did pull an advent activity out, we had everything conveniently located in one place to do it.
Advent Number Tags
Via: Simple As That
There are so many great ideas out there! Here is a link to a great article with 35 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas but if you are in a crunch for time, there are also some great free, printable advent activities out there! I am really like this one by Mama.Papa.Bubba. 

Via: Mama.Papa.Bubba.

You can find this and so many more great ideas over on Pinterest.

Tonight, our first activity is to take over supplies for and decorate a small tree in Wyatt's grandpa's room. I purchased the tree on a whim last year for my office.  I took it to South Carolina to decorate our rental on our trip and instead of setting it up at work when I returned home, we took it to his grandpa's room.  We decided we will do it again this year and kick off our activities with that one!